STS-118 - 4" - A-B Emblem "Anderson"

STS-118 was a space shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS) flown by the orbiter Endeavour. STS-118 successfully lifted off on 8 August 2007 from launch pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center (KSC), Florida and landed at the Shuttle Landing Facility at KSC on 21 August 2007.
It was the first flight of Endeavour since the STS-113 mission in November 2002, which was the last successful Space Shuttle flight before the loss of Columbia on STS-107. STS-118 pilot Charles Hobaugh had been the entry team CAPCOM for STS-107. Had Columbia not disintegrated, it would have been chosen for this mission,[4] which would have been its 29th mission, and probably its only mission to the ISS.
The mission is also referred to as ISS-13A.1 by the ISS program. The mission added two more components to the ISS as well as bringing supplies for its crew.

When Clayton Anderson was moved to STS-117 Drew was selected for the available position on STS-118. A-B Emblem released a limited number of versions with Anderson's name prior to the crew swap.


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