STS-62A "Revisited"


Growing up in Bakersfield, California presented many opportunities to view a space shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base. Financial burdens and military obligations (as an adult), however, prevented me from viewing an actual space shuttle launch. The launch of STS-62A would have afforded me the best opportunity to see a space shuttle launch. Many years later, I entertained the idea of creating my own design for STS-62A.

The design for "STS-62A Revisited" is simple due to the classified nature of the mission. The colors were loosely based upon the colors of the Air Force Achievement Medal and the NASA "meatball" emblem. The white stars within the outer circle represented of each of the astronauts assigned to the mission. The four stars in space represent the space shuttle fleet at the time the STS-62A mission was approved - Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, and Atlantis. (Note - remember that the role of Enterprise was important for the preparation and mock staging for a west coast launch). Discovery's silhouette orbiter over the "North Pole" expresses some ambiguity of its orientation in space, and is accompanied with the red flight path to signify the polar orbit launch. Halley's Comet was added to give an "artistic dating" to the patch.

"STS-62A Revisited" is 4 inch (10.16 cm) in diameter and is a fully embroidered patch. Availability is limited to 86 patches (referencing the year of launch) for sale. I have personally numbered and signed each patch. As of 07 May 2013, 47 patches remain. The patch is a first come basis; once they are gone, they are gone.

Eric Bangloy is selling the remaining patches for $6.50 each; two patches for $10.00. These prices includes packaging and handling. If you're interested in purchasing this patch, please send me an email at ebangloy@gmail.com Please place STS-62A “Revisited” in the subject line.

Eric would like to personally acknowledge and thank Tim Gagnon and Jorge Cartes for their diligent assistance in making "STS-62A Revisited" design a reality. 

4" / 100mm
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