STS-41F - Swissartex

STS-41F, scheduled for launch on Discovery, had a crew of five whose names were arranged around the body of the patch. The STS-41F mission was cancelled not long before the scheduled launch and a series of crew reassignments and orbiter and payload changes followed. Eventually the original crew found themselves scheduled to fly again on Discovery with two additional mission specialists added, making it possible to reuse the original STS-41F insignia with just an additional name tab at the bottom. This allowed AB Emblems and Swissartex, who had apparently already begun manufacturing patches for the STS-41F mission, to re-use these patch bodies for the STS-51D mission with sew on name tabs at the bottom.

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The STS-41F patch shown above could be a STS-51D patch with the 'tab' missing. Swissartex only glued the 'payload tabs' on to the main body of the patch, & they can be easely be removed, (but would leave an uncoated part on the back of the main body of the patch). This also happens with the STS-51E versions too.