STS-51A - Swissartex

STS-51-A was the 14th flight of NASA's Space Shuttle program, and the second flight of Space Shuttle Discovery. The mission launched from Kennedy Space Center on 8 November 1984, and landed just under eight days later on 16 November.
STS-51-A marked the first time a shuttle deployed two communications satellites, and retrieved from orbit two other communications satellites. The Canadian Anik D2 and Syncom IV-1 satellites were both successfully deployed by the crew of Discovery. Palapa B2 and Westar 6, meanwhile, had been deployed during the STS-41-B mission earlier in the year, but had been placed into improper orbits due to the malfunctioning of their kick motors; they were both safely recovered and returned to Earth during STS-51-A.

The Swissartex features a radial border area.

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Swissartex manufactured two versions of this STS-51A patch, one with a waxy Matt plastic coated backing, & one with a shiny vacuum sealed backing. Later modern versions of this patch with a shiny plastic coated backing were manufactured by Eagle Crest Emblem Inc. in Taiwan.