Skylab Program Patch Variations

I noticed that there was a clothed-backed Skylab program patch that differed from the standard A-B Emblem issue in a vew ways:

STS-84 A-B Emblem Variations


There are two distinct variations of the STS-84 crew patch. The differences are actually quite substantial for a patch of this type. A curious thing about this patch is that the rarer variation was flown but not work by the crew on their orange escape suits. I cannot find any evidence that the crew wore this patch, but I do have the variation in KSC packaging as well as in flown presentations. You can see the differences in the yellow flame and in the stack lines of the SRBs. 

Standard A-B Emblem version, as worn by crew:

Apollo-Soyuz Test Project Patch Analysis

Thanks to Wikipedia's extremely high resolution photo of the ASTP crews, its possible to examine the 4" Apollo-Soyuz patches that the crew members are wearing. It's evident that the US team have 4" patches affixed to their training jumpsuits while Leonov and Kubasov have theirs temporarily attached. Kubasov's is not in the same position as Leonovs and Leonov's is actual placed over the smaller Apollo-Soyuz patch he already had affixed to his jumpsuit:


First Lunar Landing of Mankind - the Enigma

The "First Lunar Landing of Mankind" patch is a commonly spotted patch, often in lots with other Apollo patches. However, some investigation about the origin of this patch has made the background and origin of this patch very confusing. I present evidence items A and B:

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