Skylab 3 - 4" - Lion Brothers

Skylab 4 (also SL-4 and SLM-3) was the third Skylab mission and placed the third and final crew aboard the first American space station.
The mission started November 16, 1973 with the launch of three astronauts on a Saturn IB rocket from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida and lasted 84 days, one hour and 16 minutes. A total of 6,051 astronaut-utilization hours were tallied by Skylab 4 astronauts performing scientific experiments in the areas of medical activities, solar observations, Earth resources, observation of the Comet Kohoutek and other experiments.

The Lion Brothers Skylab 3 patch is distinct and readily identifiable by the presence of an embroidered Comet Kahoutec. No other manufacturer features this. The patch also has the hallmark hidden initials "PCG" upside down in the tree foliage. 

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