STS-57 GAS 450 - Central Coast Student Experiments

The California Student Get Away Special Payload GAS-450, recently went into orbit on the STS-57
Mission, Space Shuttle Endeavour, 21 June 1993, 6:14 Ah4 and landed on the 29 June 1993 at Kennedy
Space Center (KSC). Fifty students (Figure 1, Ages 7 to 18) from 13 California Central Coast Schools
and one in San Francisco designed and built 13 active experiments (6 modules) for this mission.
Preliminary analysis of our completely reusable payload bus system indicated that the structure, power
system, microprocessor and sensor systems in each experiment module worked flawlessly. The
experiments themselves performed exceptionally well with a 60 5% success ratio. The students are
thoroughly documenting their own experiments and results via a standard research paper guideline
generated by the GAS450 technical staff. If you would like to review any one or all of these papers (13)
please write to the SIL address above. Lessons learned (program management and technical) a=
documented at the end of the paper. If any other organization needs payload/experiment development or
NASA documentation assistance, then please contact us. We can help make your idea a space tested

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