STS-135 - Ames Research Center

Plant Signaling
The Plant Signaling Experiment will study the growth of plants in space. This European Space Agency study will be conducted on  board the ISS. The Plants are being photographed and samples will be taken to enable scientists on the ground to evaluate the experiment. Results of this experiment will be used in crop production improvements on earth. It will also provide knowledge that will be used to produce food during long duration space missions in the future.

Space Tissue Loss – The Effects of Microgravity on Stem Cell-Based Tissue Regeneration
This Department of Defense Payload will study stem tissue regeneration and wound healing in space using cell and tissue cultures. These experiments are used to improve treatments of injuries on earth.

Vascular Atrophy Commercial Biomedical Testing Module 3 – STS-135 Space Flight’s Affects on Vascular Atrophy in the Hind Limbs of Mice
This experiment will determine the impact of space flight on the skeletal bones of mice and measurements that might mitigate those effects. The particular focus of the study is to investigate if there is a correlation between space flight induced altered blood supply to the bones and/or surrounding tissues that causes a loss of bone mass.


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