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STS-35 crew patch variations

In 1990 I bought the official STS-35 patch from A-B Emblem.
I don't know why but in December 1990 I had a look at the STS-35 crew picture and
specially at the patches attached to the orange space suits.

I noticed differences compared to the STS-35 patch which I bought from A-B Emblem.
The patch shown on the crew photo has
- an inner white circle that has a smaller diameter and
   all shown elements inside are also smaller
- a bold outer white circle

STS-35 crew picture
The officially A-B Emblem emblem has
- an inner white circle that has a larger diameter and
   all shown elements inside are also larger
- an outer white circle which is just one stichting line on the border

Therefore I sent a letter to Mr.Paul E.Gilsdorf, Vice President Sales and Marketing, asking about this situation letter to A-B Emblem
His answer:letter to Harald Kraenzel

Here the two different versions:

1. the evaluation emblem STS-35 evaluation emblem

2. the official emblem STS-35 official emblem


In 2016, due to deminishing stocks of their original STS-35 patch, they produced a new run of the patch using current machinery. They reverted the design to the original look! As of September 2016, this is the version of the patch that will be for sale from A-B Emblem directly and eventually their vendors:



Harald Kraenzel

Revised 9/20/2016 Liem Bahneman